E' in corso una procedura di uniformazione delle seconde edizioni

Dizionario demografico multilingue (seconda edizione armonizzata, volume italiano)


Dizionario demografico multilingue (seconda edizione unificata, volume italiano)

Here are collected all newly added TextTerm or NewTextTerm since the last robot.

Once your translation is entered in the page and submitted (don't forget to fill the résumé line), you will remark that the terms (TextTerm or NewTextTerm) have red links because the corresponding named pages were not created by the robot.

Therefore, click on the red link, in order to create the empy new page and just add the template ' TextTermAdded' with only one parameter.

For example the term 'mercato del lavoro' was missing in the Italian second edition on paragraph 901 of page 90. Its note number is 5. We created the page Mercato del lavoro which contains only a template:


and the page will transclude the corresponding paragraph. The multilingual table will be filled later by the robot. The robot will read all pages, detect the new added terms (TextTerm or NewTextTerm), build a new database and will upload a more complete named page 'mercato del lavoro'.

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