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Dizionario demografico multilingue (seconda edizione armonizzata, volume italiano)

Categoria:Coherent with the 1981-standard (French)

Dizionario demografico multilingue (seconda edizione unificata, volume italiano)

Pages coherent with the second edition of the French multilingual dictionary.

Pages are automatically added to this category after two steps:

  1. some errors or untranslated French text terms have been detected in the page by a robot.
  2. the errors have been fixed and the missing terms have been checked and translated if a translation was meaningful.

Please refer to the Talk page of the page in order to follow the history of these missing terms. Usually, a missing term is detected by a robot which wrote, into the corresponding Talk page, some lines similar to:

* {{missing French term|10|102|102-8|FrenchTextTerm=conjoncture démographique}}
* {{missing German term|10|104|104-7|GermanNewTextTerm=Bevölkerungsgeographie}}

giving information on the missing TextTerm as well as its page number, section and note.

And if the missing French term could be and has been translated into French, the translator changed the 'missing' to 'translated' (or 'untranslatable') and the corresponding page will automatically belong to 1981 French standard.

The page is added to this category even if other terms of the same page are still not translated.



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